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$1 Million Fund for Aspiring Women Designers & Developers.

Why do you want to be in tech?

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Noelle Lewkowitz

Designer Track

"I feel like I have SO many doors open to me now.  With this shift into UX/UI I now have recruiters coming to ME. I will be able to choose where I work instead of accept whatever comes my way."

Kasey Markham

Web Developer Track

"I chose as my bootcamp to navigate the transition from financial services into software development. Last month, about 68% through the course, I accepted an offer for a Full Stack Developer position and turned down 2 others. So in my experience, yes someone without a tech background can really get a development job with Bloc’s apprenticeship style course."

"I was at a party a few weeks ago and something really amazing happened. I got everyone’s least favorite opening question, 'What do you do for a living?' and without thinking, I said, 'I am a web developer'. I didn’t caveat it with 'want to be' or tell them I was in school or give some long-winded answer about changing careers. I simply told them what I was, I’m a web developer. And it was in that moment that I believed it for the first time."

Beth Cummings

Web Developer Track

Scholarship details: Applicants can earn a maximum of 25% off tuition. You must schedule a call with a Student Advisor and fill out the form above to be applicable for the scholarship. The scholarship can only be applied to the Web Developer Track and Designer Track. Bloc reserves the right to limit scholarships due to interest and move your start date out due to mentor availability. Recipients of the scholarship cannot combine the scholarship with any other tuition reduction. All self-identifying women not currently enrolled are applicable for the scholarship. Recipients must enroll by the deadline determined by their Student Advisor. Recipients who enroll using a Bloc scholarship agree to provide a success story upon graduation. Bloc reserves the right to amend the scholarship terms and conditions at any time, at its sole discretion. 


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In an effort to increase the number of women in technology-related fields, we’re committing $1 million to help self-identifying women pursue their dreams of becoming software developers and designers.

Join the thousands of women who've changed their careers with Bloc and apply today!

Why the scholarship?

Women are underrepresented in technology.


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